All of us want to do the right thing by our loved ones during our lifetimes and after our death. In the event we can no longer look after ourselves, it is important that we have powers of attorney in place to ensure that those people we trust the most to look out for our best interests will be the people with the power to do this.

Preparing a will is the best way to ensure that once we die our family members are properly provided for. Sometimes, life throws up challenging and stressful circumstances that will require us to make important decisions about a family member or loved one. If the family member or loved one does not have powers of attorney, someone needs to be appointed to ensure that the best interest of the family member or loved one can be met.

When somebody becomes incapable of managing their own affairs, important legal steps must be taken to ensure that their care, welfare and administration of their financial and legal affairs are managed in their best interests. Unfortunately, sometimes family members will not agree about what is in the best interests of their loved one and will find themselves in conflict.

Families may also find themselves in conflict after the death of a loved one. Conflict may arise where your loved one has not made a will or where a family member has been excluded from a will. It is important that you have access to objective legal advice from experienced lawyers so that you can make informed decisions during a difficult and stressful time for all concerned. That is where City Law Solicitors can help.

Our team of solicitors has extensive experience dealing with all aspects of wills, probate and estate litigation including:

  • Preparing a will
  • Powers of attorney
  • No probate work at at the moment

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